Helping individuals find spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through an understanding of how spirit/soul consciousness operates through the body

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Welcome to the Website of the Spirit Release Forum

The Spirit Release Forum is a meeting place for those interested in exploring spirit release issues.
This specifically relates to the nature of consciousness, with a particular reference into how spirit/soul operates through the mind and body and the therapeutic issues that arise when imbalances occur.

Forthcoming Events and Information

Eurotas Conference
4-8 Sep 2024 (Oxford)
Creative Bridges:
Embodied Consciousness, Psyche and Soul in Research and Practice

Introductory Courses
The new online Introductory Course in Spirit Release run by David Furlong PhD, via Zoom, will be held Fri/Sat 5/6 Jul 2024
Fri/Sat 4/5 Oct 2024
Fri/Sat 29/30 Nov 2024

Professional Training
The next PT1 online 8 day Diploma training will be held on the following dates in 2025:
Fri/Sat 28 Feb/1 March
Fri/Sat 4/5 April
Fri/Sat 2/3 May
Fri/Sat 33/31 May
Online Day Event
The Higher-Self and the Shadow - A professional training day with David Furlong PhD, and Frida Maria. Thu 18 July 2024. For details click here.

Latest News and Updates

Interview with David Furlong: carried out by MysticMag online magazine. Click here to access.

Professional Training : all future training courses will be run online using Zoom. This is particularly relevant because much spirit release work is carried out online using Skype, Zoom or distant clearing.

The next stand alone Introductory Courses will be held:
Fri/Sat 5/6 Jul 2024
Fri/Sat 4/5 Oct 2024
Fri/Sat 29/30 Nov 2024

The next Professional Diploma Training Course will start on Friday 28 February 2025

The next course The Higher-Self and the Shadow will be hld on Thursday 18 July 2024.
Click her for details.

Case Study Judge and Judgement– Releasing a past-life with a ‘dark’ spirit attachment by David Furlong PhD Click here for details.

2019 Conference Video : Working with the Multiple Self: New insights in Spirit Release Therapy by David Furlong PhD
Click here for details.

2017 Conference Videos
The YouTube videos of many of the talks at the 2017 conference are now available for viewing- Click here for details.

Case Study: The effects of a long-term spirit attachment and its removal by Richard Hankins
This case study, drawing on Richard's personal experience, deals with a long-term spirit attachment that first affected his life in early childhood before its eventual removal some sicty years later. It gives further insight into the effects of such an attachment in a particular life situation. - Click here for details.

Article: Releasing Dark Entities and Demonic Spirits
This two part background article, by David Furlong, looks at the process for clearing and releasing demonic and dark entities- Click here for details.

Book Reviews :
Recommended reading for 2024

  • Schizophrenia or Spirit Possession by Mike Williamson
  • The Practice of Soul Centred Healing Vol II: Navigating the Inner Worlds by Dr Tom Zinser
  • The Science of Spirit Possession (2nd Edition) by Dr Terence Palmer
  • Illuminating the Shadow by David Furlong
  • Article: Terminating Contracts with Demonic Powers
    This article, by David Furlong, looks at how we can easily and unconsciously enter into agreements with demonic beings allowing them to gain access into our psyche. It then shows the steps to be taken to clear the contracts - Click here for details.

    Talks by Dr Alan Sanderson on Spirit Release
    The transcripts of two talks by Dr Alan Sanderson given to the Royal College of Psychiatrists are now avalaible for download. Click the links to access:
    Spirit Release in Clinical Psychiatry - What Can We Learn?
    The Third Transformation.

    Prayers for Clearing and Releasing Negative Energies and Entities
    This prayer is based on some channelling from the (Archangel?) Uriel from the book Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala Modi M.D. Click here for details.

    This prayer is written by Caroline Burton (see below) for releasing negative energies. Click here for details.

    Book Review of Tom Zinser's latest book
    The Practice of Soul-Centred Healing - review by Dr Alan Sanderson. Click here for details.

    DVD's from the Conference held 2013
    All of the talks from the 2013 conference are now available online on Youtube. Click here for details.

    Practitioner Training Course PT1
    The next Professional Training Course will be held online via a Zoom link. Click here for details.

    Freeing Demonic Entities
    Caroline Burton has written up an interesting case study on the power of the Higher Self to free a demonic entity, which highlights the methods that can be used to help shadow entities move into the light. Click here.

    Glossary of Terms
    To help make sense of some of the terminology used in these fields we have included a glossary of terms. Click here.

    Our website is in a development stage with updated information being added on a regular basis. See the updates below.

    Who can we help - individuals
    We particularly support two groups of individuals. Firstly those who are suffering from a range of conditions that fall into the categories of ‘dissociative disorders’ and ‘trance states’. These include:

    • Amnesia
    • Depersonalisation
    • Derealisation
    • Identity confusion
    • Identity alteration

    (The above list is taken from the mind.org.uk website. For further details see:
    http://www.mind.org.uk/help/diagnoses_and_conditions/dissociative_disorders )

    It is our belief that these conditions stem from an imbalance between the spirit/soul and the mind and body. Into these categories also come those who feel that they are affected by 'negative energies' caused by spirit attachments and psychic invasions.

    Who can we help - practitioners, therapists, carers
    The second group we support are those psychiatrists, therapists, practitioners and carers, who are helping individuals with the conditions listed above, to work through their issues.

    As a further expansion it can be argued that many psychological conditions are caused by an imbalance or dissonance between the spirit/soul and the mind and body and by working to re-balance this relationship great benefit can be brought to our sense of wellbeing and homeostasis.

    I need help
    If you need help and wish to speak with a therapist please click the “I Need Help” button in the side bar. The site also contains a list of practitioners who through experience or training are available to assist those who need help to work through the above issues.

    Self-help and empowerment
    The site contains a wealth of self-help and empowerment information along with articles and case studies.


    Training programmes
    We run training programmes for those wishing to become Spirit Release Therapists plus other workshops, courses and practitioner training days. Please check out the website for details.

    We welcome members from a wide range of disciplines as well as lay individuals who are interested in these fields and wish to support our endeavours. Membership confers specific benefits such as participating in the members forum exchanges as well as cost reductions on our activities.

    Do visit our facebook page if you have any questions or comments you would like to post. Click here to connect.

    Do join us.

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    Background talk by David Furlong on the Spirit Release Forum via YouTube link. Click the icon to access

    I Need Help

    I need help

    To speak with a therapist to sort through specific issues or problems before having a full consultation.
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    Training Class

    For training programmes as a Spirit Release Therapist, CPDs, supervision and other ancillary workshops and courses
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    The Forum welcomes members from all walks of life who are interested in knowing more about these topics and support our endeavours. To find out more about the benefits of membership
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