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Spirit Release and Soul-Centered Healing - Online Introductory Course

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This stand alone course provides a basic understanding of spirit release in relation to sub-personality trauma and past-lives. It is offered as an online training course through a Zoom link,

The Online Training Course
This Soul-Centred online course is an introduction to dealing with a range of psychological and spiritual issues that includes dissociative disorders such as 'spirit' intrusions, psychic disturbances, hearing inner voices, together with emotional trauma and addictive behavior. It is based on the notion that we all possess a aspect of our being, our Higher-Self (H-S), which has a complete overview on the causes of our inner problems.

By learning how we can access our H-S, amazing healing and transformation can take place. This course is a prerequisite for more thorough training offered by the Spirit Release Forum, which can lead to becoming an accredited practitioner and ultimately, upon satisfying further requirements, the award of a Diploma in Spirit Release.

The course is experientially based and lays the foundation for understanding the link between the Higher-Self, the psyche (soul) or ‘Core Self’ and the mind/body. In addition the programme includes information on why spirits get stuck and the methods that can be used for their release.

The areas covered include:
  • Spirit Attachment and Spirit Release – What are they?
  • Finding Your Inner Centre - Self-awareness and balancing exercise to help you access both your ‘Core-Self’ and ‘Higher-Self’ and to learn how to ground these energies within your body.
  • The Nature of the Psyche - Understanding the dynamics of the balance between the Higher and Core Self (psyche/soul) and the egoic mind, emotions and body.
  • Psychic Protection - How do we protect ourselves from mental intrusions using transpersonal techniques.
  • The Cycle of Life - From birth, through death between lives and reincarnation. Why spirits become earthbound.
  • Demonstration of working with the inner world to effect the release of trauma
  • Practical Exercises – Learning how to acces the Higher-Self.
  • Range of Cases – illustrating different aspects of spirit release
  • Consciousness and Psychiatric Disorders - Dissociative disorders, trance states, soul fragments, thought forms and so on.
  • Attachment or Sub-Personality? – Differentiating between earthbound spirits, sub-personalities and soul fragments.
  • Group Exercise – Connecting to your inner sub-personalities.
  • Discussion and ending

David Furlong PhD

Course times
This course will be run over two days (Friday and Saturday). There will be 3 one and half hour online sessions each day, which will include experiential sessions. The sessions will be recorded and available for download by the course participants. These timings allow for participation by those living in the Americas.

Session 1 - 12:30 to 14:00 (all times British Summer Time or GMT)
Session 2 - 14:30 to 16:00
Session 3 - 16:30 to 18:00

Upcoming course dates 2023
Fri/Sat 15/16 September 2023 and
Fri/Sat 1/2 December 2023

Please Note:
All applications are processed by human beings and NOT machines. Please be patiant if you have not received an immediate response to your application, which may take up to 28 days to process. If you are unsure that your application has been received please email or phone.

£280 (£260 - members)
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The course is now run online. The fee includes six 1.5 hrs online training via Zoom, a course training manual and slide notes. Other training videos will be also be available for download. The PowerPoint sessions will be recorded and available for downlaod by participants.

Booking and enquiries
To book on this course please download and fill in the booking form and return this along with your deposit or full fee to:
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Tel: +44(0) 1684 569105 or

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