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Spirit Release Conference

Spiritual Issues in Mental Health:

The Importance and Role of a Transpersonal (Soul-Centred) Approach in Healing and Wellbeing

SRF 2013 Conference SRF 2013 Conference
2013 - London Conference

Saturday/Sunday 23 & 24 May 2020
Regent's University, Inner Circle, London NW1

In not acknowledging the spiritual dimension of the psyche, modern psychology, and its derivative therapeutic approaches leaves a significant deficit in its treatment protocols especially when dealing with mental health.

This conference bringing together doctors, therapists and clinicians, who utilise a soul-centred approach in their practices, will explore a range of spiritual and psychological issues that impact on mental health and wellbeing. These issues include the acknowledgement of ‘spirit’ or ‘entity’ attachments and the methodologies for their release; the impact and alleviation of ‘past-life’ trauma on current lives and the reasons some souls choose psychologically challenging childhood experiences. Central to this conference will be insights into the soul-centred nature of the psyche and an exploration of different transpersonal methodologies, including regression, visualisation, meditation and healing that therapists can use to treat a range of mental health problems.


Dr Helen Ford MD – Holistic Physician – UK
Helen specialises in using aura diagnosis to scan underlying causes that lead to negative attachment.

Dr David Furlong – Spirit Release Therapist, Healer and Counsellor – UK www.davidfurlong.co.uk
David is director of the Spirit Release Forum and the author of several books including Illuminating the Shadow.

Dr Terence Palmer – Remote Release Practitioner and Trainer – UK www.terencepalmer.co.uk
Terry teaches the remote removal of negative attachments using a medium and a facilitator. He is the author of The Science of Spirit Possession.

Paula Fenn – Psychotherapist and Regression Therapist – UK
Paula presents the value of the psychotherapeutic process within Spirit Release Therapy.

Dr Haraldur Erlendsson MD – Consultant Psychiatrist – Iceland
Haraldur is an eminent Icelandic psychiatrist and specialist in the treatment of psychological trauma. He has long had a keen interest in the esoteric, particularly dream symbolism and yoga.

Colin Demet – Shamanic Practitioner – UK
Colin is a Shamanic Practitioner, with additional training in hypnotherapy and past-life regression.

Andy Tomlinson – Regression Therapist, Trainer and Author – UK
Andy is a founder member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association,and has been working to establish an international training standard for regression therapy and get its acceptance by the medical profession.

The keynote Speakers at 2020 conference are listed below:

Colin Demet - UK
Dr Haraldur Erlendsson - Iceland
Paula Fenn - UK
Dr Helen Ford - UK

Dr David Furlong - UK
Dr Terence Palmer - UK

Andy Tomlinson - UK

Information and Booking

Venue: Regent's University, Inner Circle, London NW1
Date: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 May 2020, 9:30 - 17:30 each day
Fee : Full two-day standard ticket £150; one-day standard ticket £85
- Early-bird Fee: Full two-day standard ticket £130; one-day standard ticket £75.
Please note: Early-Bird tickets are available until the end of March.
- Full-Time Students and Pensioners (over 65 years) two-day ticket £120;
- one-day ticket £70
- Spirit Release Forum Members and Alef Trust students two-day ticket £115;
- one-day ticket £65
Lunch and Refreshments: Tea and coffee will be provided in morning and afternoon. Lunch refreshments will be available to buy either in the university canteen, or nearby in Regent's Park; alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own.
Booking: Early-bird bookings available until the end of March.

Non-Member's Conference fee - Two Day.

Non- Member's Conference fee - One Day.

OAP & Students Conference fee - Two Day.

OAP & Students Conference fee - One Day.

Member's Conference fee - Two Day

Member's Conference fee - One Day


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